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Monica Hildebrand Vaughn
Monica Hildebrand Vaughn
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First off the guy was so freaking nice, very very professional showed up on time which is a huge plus to me. They are very reasonably priced. Right now it's raining and hot outside and usually my backyard stinks horribly when there is moisture. I have four big dogs. I am telling you right now, there is zero smell in my backyard! I am so freaking excited.
Megan Lee
Megan Lee
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Awesome company and amazing product!! Cleaned our full backyard of turf and gave excellent advice for keeping it clean. Highly recommend!
Matt Brill
Matt Brill
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4 happy dogs, 2 happy kids and a happy wife make this a happy life. Thank you for giving us our backyard back. We had tried it all, pe51, anolyte water, vinegar, powders, hundreds of gallons of water, nothing worked for 3 years. Came to the point we were going to rip it the turf and lay sod back in until they came out with 2 sprays. We’re on 3 weeks of no smells now and loving the yard again, even in the heat

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