Pet Safe

Our all natural solution is safe to walk on right after service.  Have your yard smelling fresh with no harsh chemicals. Regular treatment can reduce the risk of recurring UTI’s in older pets. Kills Parvo virus and Canine Distemper. Our synthetic turf cleaning solution deters ticks and fleas. Our process is designed to eliminate pet odor at it’s source, which is usually deep under your infill.  That’s why we use the special synthetic turf flushing wand in the video below. It’s designed to apply a high volume of water at a low enough pressure not to disturb your  synthetic turf’s infill.  Now you won’t have to wonder what your favorite, four legged friend is tracking into your home after they go to the bathroom in your yard.

Works On Outdoor Surfaces

Guaranteed to remove pet odor. Your turf will look and smell like new by the end of our visit. Our peroxide based, all natural formula will work on any outdoor surface to remove pet urine odor. Whether you have synthetic turf, real grass, concrete, pavers, or plain old xeriscape in your dog area, we can effectively remove the pet odor for you. We designed our outdoor pet odor remover to work without staining or damaging concrete or pavers. If you have pet odor in your xeriscape rocks, we can spray right up to and on your plants without harming them. We also use a granular solution on rocks to make sure our pet odor remover gets into the soil underneath. Now you have an effective way to remove pet odor in your yard!

Earth Friendly

Our non-toxic, biodegradable solution won’t harm plants or bees. This outdoor pet odor remover is antibacterial and antimicrobial, so it sanitizes your yard’s surfaces when it comes in contact. There are no synthetic fragrances or dyes in our formula. PET Solutions outdoor pet odor removal  formula is infused with an all natural, lemon grass scent. An unscented synthetic turf cleaner formula is also available. There are no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in this product. We don’t use bleach or any abrasive chemicals. We  only use electric tools in your yard to minimize noise and pollution. PET Solutions Urine Luck Synthetic Turf Cleaner is 100% all natural.

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