Urine Luck


Urine Luck is a concentrated solution that can be used on synthetic and natural grasses,stone, rock, concrete, pavers, kennels, and other porous surfaces. Treats Approximately 500 sq. ft.

Neutralizes urine better and faster on synthetic grass and porous surfaces. Because we do not have constraints that enzyme-based cleaners do, we can include ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide. Urine Luck’s all natural cleaning agents are infused with citronella.

The odor that you smell is caused by bacteria in the form of urea. Until now the industry standard has been enzymes (bacterial colonies), this method is basically spraying one bacteria on top of another bacteria in hopes that the good bacteria destroys the bad bacteria. The affected area must be hospitable to the bacteria in order for them to work — moist, not too hot and must not come in contact with chemicals that kill bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down the proteins and microorganisms found in urine through oxidization to quickly address short-term and long-term smells.


Urine odor Eliminator for synthetic grass
Step #1 Antibacterial odor eliminator for synthetic Grass

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 11 in


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