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Urine Luck

       Step 2: P.E.T Enzyme  - Also blended with citronella.   This product is ideal for stinky turf, real grass, kennels, rockscape and concrete.  Each quart of ENZYME contains a 50 billion bacterial colony which equates to 50 billion little Pac-Man that liquefy, digest, and destroy urine. Eliminate cat and dog urine. Say goodbye to that awful smell as you neutralize the odor.   Nature Friendly, Biodegradable, non-toxic and safe.      MVIMG_20190627_113521.jpg
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Turf Treatment combo pack

Turf - Citronella Granular Enzyme 00100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190812180338617_COVER.jpg

Turf - Citronella Granular Enzyme

Turf - Insect Detouring granular enzymes 00100lPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190812180454573_COVER.jpg

Turf - Insect Detouring granular enzymes